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Classic Instant Hedges Pty Ltd is a Wholesale Nursery specialising in growing Instant Hedging. Supply is directed to the Landscape Designers/Contractors, Builders, Councils, and other Domestic/Commercial Landscape Projects. (Retail enquiries also welcome)

Jeff Tiemens trimming up the hedge to keep it looking good.

Established in 1997 it is owned and operated by Jeff and Sharon Tiemens. The concept was created to supply a product that not only complements the landscape designs it was to go into, but also to give it a ‘Finished Look.’ Instead of planting small plants and waiting for the hedge to grow and thicken, now you can achieve this instantly and planting time is dramatically reduced because planting is by the lineal metre. No more little pots everywhere!

With many different Trends these days we have a hedge that will suit many designs. Traditional hedges from Buxus, colours from Nandinas, Natives for coastal and dry areas and many more.

Size is also varied with some of our varieties, small edging hedges for garden pathways etc. through to larger hedges for screening or for living fences.

Classic Instant Hedges is a member of the LIAV. This enables us to keep in constant contact with those who are at the forefront of trends and the changes that occur with them. By staying informed with the needs of Landscapers we can grow the types of hedges they have a demand for.

We hope you enjoy your journey around our Web site and that the information you access is helpful. When next designing or planting out a job that needs hedges, consider our range of hedging. It will be guaranteed to add style, elegance and grace to all your designs and the best aspect of it all, is the look it’s ‘instant’.

For more information or any queries you may contact us by either email or please phone us direct.

Sharon Tiemens


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