Latest Transformations
In this latest job, the client had us supply and install the hedges. With such a beautiful home, the garden did not do justice and a simple elegant style was all that it required. English Box was chosen as the bordering hedge around the driveway and fountain. Other planting to follow at a later stage, mainly standard roses and flowering shrubs.

This shows the garden when we first arrived. The garden has no ‘theme or design’; it does not bring out the qualities in the house as well as it should.



Installation is as easy as clearing away any existing plants or debris and digging a trench. (Usually the width and depth of a shovel 30cmx30cm, depending on the size of the hedge.) Next, you lay the hedges metre by metre, adjusting it until you are happy with the way it lines up. Back fill with soil and compact it firmly by hand. Trim the hedge now to suit the height you require, fertilize and water in well.

In just an hour of work, this tired run down garden has a new lease of life. It is the foundation of creating a beautiful garden to enhance the elegance of this lovely home.

Stay tuned to more makeovers.


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